Latinos Break the Mold

I was struck by an article I saw today on Huffington Post about a campaign in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month called “Latinos Break the Mold.”

The Quest to Create Curly Dolls

It’s been a frustration of mine for years that there aren’t any dolls with curly or coily hair. It leaves young curly and coily girls with the impression that they’re not good enough. When Mattel launched a line of black Barbie dolls in 2009, they all had straight hair, something that created controversy with the brand among the natural hair community. Now, a few passionate entrepreneurs are working to change that.


Memo to Brands: Curly Images Matter!

If you’re a haircare brand, it should be essential that you have images that represent all hair types. Yet some of the largest brands are hard pressed to provide images of models with wavy, curly or coily hair.

Come Join Our Curly Book Group

I was reading through Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch – Naturally and was reflecting on all the great books that have been written in recent years about my favorite topic – curly hair..


Reflecting on 17 Years in Texture

I found myself wandering the haircare aisle at Target recently, marveling at all the curl brands that lined the shelves. As I Am, MopTop, Eden Bodyworks, SheaMoisture, Jane Carter, Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessie’s, to name just a few of the available options It made me everything that’s happened over the past 17 years since we launched, and how dramatically different the curly landscape looks today compared to 1998.

Against All Odds: A Curly Girl’s Story

Mahisha Dellinger went from a life on the streets to successful entrepreneur. CURLS is now one of the leading natural hair care companies in the country. She shares her story as well as her tips for other budding entrepreneurs in her new book “Against All Odds: From the Projects to the Penthouse.”

Dove: Changing the Perception of Beauty

When it comes to the topic of women and self-esteem, no brand has explored this subject with more innovation, creativity and passion than Dove. With its 11-year-old “Campaign for Real Beauty,” the brand has developed a reputation for creating campaigns that truly resonate, including its new “Love Your Curls” campaign.

Resolutions that Truly Matter

This year I decided to move away from my usual resolutions about dieting and saving money. I wanted to focus on those things that would truly impact all areas of my life.

Texture Transcends Ethnicity

Since NaturallyCurly was founded 16 years ago, we haven’t looked at hair in terms of the color of a person’s skin, and now many other retailers and brands are adopting this same philosophy.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Too often, we focus on the challenges, the struggles and the disappointments in life. Thanksgiving seemed the ideal time to appreciate the many blessings I have in my life.

Powered by Women

In the male-dominated beauty industry, it can be easy to get discouraged if you’re a woman. But the power of womenhit home to me this week when I was a presenter and speaker at the Texas Conference for Women.

Ingredients Matter!

When you’re selling products to people with wavy, curly and coily hair, what matters is what’s inside the bottle – and what’s not.


Your Daughter Wants Straight Hair? Should You?

Should you or should you not straighten your daughter’s hair? It’s a controversial topic, and probably one of the subject that people have the most disagreement about on our site.

Happy Sweet 16 NaturallyCurly

t was 16 years ago this month that a concept conceived at a brunch became a web site for people with curly, coily and wavy hair. When I think back, there’s no way I could have imagined the amazing journey that we’ve taken since we first scrawled out ideas for the web on cocktail napkins.

Right on Target with Made To Matter Brands

Target has partnered with 17 of the industry’s leading natural, organic and sustainable brands to exclusive unique offerings

Pet Head Line Gives Me Paws

TIGI’s Pet Head offers cat owners the same opportunity to pamper their pusses that dog owners have long had with a line products specifically for felines.

Should Apps Promote Bad Behavior?

This game only reinforces all the vapid, superficial, truly horrible ways that the Kardashians have gained fame, from split-second marriages to sex tapes. For teen girls, it’s reinforcing society’s worst trends.

The Power of Packaging

I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but beautiful packaging is a powerful marketing tool when it comes to haircare products.

The Beauty of Frizz

Rather than labeling all frizz as something to be fought – a four-letter word – we should also embrace the luminous, voluminous, fluffy beauty of frizz

Celebrating Curl Culture With DevaCurl

Tyler, Texas will become Curl Central the night of June 17th for the premiere of the DevaCurl Curls Night Out tour.

Bare: Trying Hard to Look Like it’s Not Trying Hard

While I love the idea of a publication that is wiling to depart from the typical beauty magazine – with its glossy images of too-perfect-to-be-real models – I don’t think this is that magazine.

Algorithms Don’t Feel; People Feel

Are analytics winning out over creativity? Are we in danger of “losing serendipity?”

Is Business Etiquette a Thing of the Past?

In this world of social media where everyone communicates online, we forget that there’s an actual person we’re dealing with.

The Benefits of Texture Typing

The Texture Typing℠ System was never meant to be divisive. It was designed to be a tool to empower and educate women about how to work with their natural hair.

Fantasy Wins Out Over Reality at Hair Shows

Hair shows are all about glitz and glamour. But since we still live in an age when stylists get out of beauty school without any training on texture, I’d trade all of that for a little practical education.

John Frieda “Never Pull Back” Campaign Hits Mark

For someone who always has a ponytail holder around my wrist, the new Frizz Ease campaign really resonated.

Do Bloggers and Vloggers Influence Your Purchasing Decision?

I have been asking my friends and the NaturallyCurly community – “if a blogger or vlogger is paid for their opinion, does it diminish the impact of this opinion”?

Sesame Street Hair Message Still Resonates Four Years Later

Kudos to Sesame Street for creating something that has positively impacted countless young girls.

“Curls Have Their Families”

Favorite curly quote of the day: “Do not disturb the curls. The curls have their families they belong with and once separated they will frizz.”

The Subscription Sampling Box Boom

Why buy the cow if  you can get the milk for free?

The Physics of Curly Hair

Little did I know that the difference in my ponytail and other girls’ was something being studied by scientists around the world.

Curly Hair Artistry

Curly Hair Artistry is a 1-year-old group of curl experts who have banded together to provide education and support to other stylists who have made waves, curls and coils their niche.

Girl Teased for “Horse Hair” Finds Confidence on Facebook

“They told her she had horse hair,” Crawford said. “When your kid struggles with something that’s such a part of who she is, it’s incredibly painful.”

Like (My) Mother Like Daughter

As my 13-year-old daughter was leaving for school today, she looked at me with that glare that only a 13 year old has and she said…


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